April’s Top Travel Links

This month’s round-up includes funny place names, Sasquatch hunting and Czech beer fests


As the landscape that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’, England’s Dartmoor National Park is one of the most bleakly beautiful places on earth. Here’s a short promo about the place.

Taking ‘intrepid’ to new heights this group enters the lawless Colombian jungle to find a cocaine factory.

Now, everyone loves a cruise (just ask The Lonely Island), but the April centennial of the Titanic disaster reminds us it’s not all fun and games – it also means a 3D re-release of an awful film. Or even ‘Super 3D’.


The UK is renowned for its odd place names – from Bullyhole Bottom to Lickey End, with a quick detour through Oh Me Edge – but it’s actually the name of an Austrian village that kicks off this funny collection of unfortunate place names by UK rag The Telegraph. What’s the village? Well, it rhymes with Clucking.

The ever-reliable Telegraph also has a selection of tilt-shift photos, where great cities look like miniature replicas. We’re not entirely sure how it works, and some are better than others, but it’s brilliant anyway.

Finally, here’s a yap-happy trip around the globe with Insure&Go’s very cute ‘Dogs of the World’ feature.


Following on from our February round-up, here is a rather sobering BBC Travel article about the impact of tourism in Palau. So think twice before heading to the jelly lake – or at least avoid wearing sunscreen!

The big travel fashion of the moment? Tracking down Big Foot. It may seem like a flippant past-time, but April has seen it covered by both The New York Times’ Amanda Petriusich and the BBC’s Brian Wheeler.

And, sticking with the BBC, whatever happened to that Englishman who had ‘the best job in the world’?

News & Events

As this recent Daily Mail piece attests, additional construction work means the opening of the world’s first commercial will be delayed. But the good news is it opens for guided tours next month!

But if you’re more likely to be in South Korea than New Mexico this May, don’t worry – there are plenty of things to do there too! In fact, there are more commemorative events this coming month than in any other, with the 5th marked as Children’s Day, the 8th being Parent’s Day and the 21st titled Buddha’s Day.

Finally, how about some festivals? During May you can enjoy Madrid’s huge Festival of San Isidro (15th), London’s celebration of Asian Literature (15th-30th) and three of Prague’s biggest festivals: the Czech Beer Festival, the Prague Food Festival and the International Music Festival (25th-27th to see them all)


Here are this month’s two best competitions involving skill: the Audley Travel Photography Competition (Landscapes) and the GTTPSA Travel Writing Competition (beware … both have strict entrance criteria).

On the flip side, here are some great skill-free competitions. First, with time really running out, there’s the incredible Group7Events comp – if you own a company, or can persuade your boss to fill in a quick questionnaire, this luxury trip to Lapland is a first-class prize. Plus for Brits there’s the draw to win a two-week luxury summer trip to Orlando, Florida, while lucky Aussies can win a posh night’s sleep in Sydney.