Best Places For Practicing Your French Language Skills

Are you excited about your French language skills and eager to put them to good use? Mais oui! Read on for details about some of the best places around the world where you can bring your language skills out for a short walk or put them through a rigorous obstacle course if you choose!

Montreal, the second largest city in Canada, is located within the province of Quebec, which is the only Canadian province whose official language is French. Montreal is known for its lively night life featuring a wide assortment of pubs, night clubs, jazz clubs and practically any other type of night life imaginable! Also known as a main cultural hub in Canada, Montreal offers a little something for everyone – French-influenced architecture and history in the neighborhood of Old Montreal, a wide variety of performing arts presented in French, and many festivals throughout the year highlighting comedy, jazz and even fireworks.

One thing is for certain – with so much French influence everywhere you look and so many things to see, do and explore, neither you nor your French speaking skills will be bored in Montreal!

Throw together French language and culture with white sandy beaches and a Caribbean vibe – what do you get? Martinique! An overseas department of France where the official language is French, Martinique presents a perfect opportunity to practice your French speaking skills while enjoying a relaxing Caribbean vacation at the same time.

Many French products are readily available in Martinique and you won’t find French cuisine uncommon, although you shouldn’t be surprised to find French dishes blended with influences from other cultures including various regions of Asia and Africa.

Martinique hits the spot for anyone looking for both the sophistication of French culture and language as well as pristine beaches, sapphire-colored ocean waves and a laid back Caribbean attitude!

Of course, if you’ve studied French, visiting Paris is a must. First-timers will find it fairly easy to get swept up in the beauty, romance and somewhat magical quality that Paris has to offer. Although a very modern city, an astounding majority of the buildings in Paris are older, giving the city a distinctively traditional and enchanting ambiance. Don’t miss the views from the top of the Arc de Triomphe as well as the top of the Eiffel Tower!

If you’re a foodie, you’re in for a real treat in Paris. You’ll be hard pressed to find food that’s anything less than very good, and most of it is superb. From vending carts and small delis to cafes and more upscale restaurants, sample as much as you can. Markets also abound in Paris, offering fresh vegetables and meats as well as a staggering assortment of cheeses, wines and other goodies.

French people are sometimes given a bad reputation for being less than pleasant to foreigners, especially Americans, but talk to enough of them and, just as it is with any other city in the world, you’ll find that Paris is full of all types of people – some of whom are more than happy to let you practice your French speaking skills. C’est vrai!