The 5 Best Careers for Italian Speakers

Learning Italian? Here is some added motivation. Once you speak Italian fluently, you can give your career a major boost by availing of the new opportunities that now await you. We’ve listed the 5 best career options for Italian speakers.

  1. Brand Manager – You’ll wear many different hats in this highly-regarded position, which includes elements of marketing, planning, and product development. Brand managers drive the success of a product or service and are responsible for positive ROI for the company. As a brand manager you will be expected to possess excellent social skills, strong communication and analytical abilities, and be able to multi-task. Current Italian speaking job openings in this position include a wine brand manager for KSI, an eyewear brand manager at Luxoticca in New York, and many other positions throughout the US and UK. Expected Salary: $90-150,000.
  2. Corporate Risk Investigations Specialist – If you have a nose that can sniff out the facts no matter what, you’ll love this exciting job. In this fast-paced career, inquisitive individuals will help companies manage merchant accounts and assess risk. Requirements include strong research and investigative skills and excellent communication abilities. Currently, as well as many other large companies have openings for Italian-speaking candidates for this position. Expected salary: $70,000-$120,000.
  3. Sales Representative/Account Executive-Job opportunities abound for this position, and many companies that sell Italian products or target Italian clients are hiring. The successful candidate for this career needs major people skills, a sales or customer-service background and an interest in marketing. Currently, Quest Resources in New York is looking for a Senior Account Manager for an Italian furniture company. Maison International, also out of New York, is seeking Italian speaking sales reps to sell apartments, and Global Fine Wines out of Delaware is seeking an Italian speaking wine salesperson. Expected salary-$50-$150,000.
  4. Project Manager-This exciting career offers the multi-tasker a perfect outlet for their “juggling abilities”. Project managers create budgets, keep track of costs, manage relationships between vendors and departments, implement tracking systems, make presentations and more. Many companies are hiring Italian-speaking project managers, including QVC, Transperfect in New York and many more. Expected salary: $90-$100,000.
  5. Web Content Manager-You’ll be using many aspects of your language skills in this position, including translation, writing, organizational and strategic abilities, and content development. Jobs openings are quite plentiful in this career track and it’s a position with unlimited growth potential. Currently, Tripadvisor is hiring an Italian-speaking Content Manager, Kelly Services is seeking an Italian speaking Content Auditor, and Blue Coat is looking for an Italian speaking Content Analyst. Expected salary: $53-$112,000.