Top 5 Greek Songs to Energize Your Workout

Looking for playlist inspiration? Need help in getting moving? We’re here to help! Here are our 5 favorite Greek songs that will give you the energy you need to get a great workout.

1. To Kalokeiri Mou – Mixalis Xatzigiannis
This award-winning Greek-Cypriot singer has been releasing multi-platinum albums since 2000. This song from 2010, translates to “My Summer” and is a summer anthem that still gets a lot of air time on Greek radio stations today.

2. OK – Nino
The number 1 hit single in Greece at the moment, OK is very upbeat and the lyrics provide encouragement at a time of political and financial turmoil. We warn you, it’s a highly addictive song. You’ll want to play it on repeat!

3. Mistirio Treno – Giorgos Sabanis
Another summer hit of 2011, Mistirio Treno is sung by Giorgos Sabanis, a well-known sprinter who has won 14 gold Greek medals. He’s proved equally successful with his music.

4. Oi Dio Mas – Sakis Rouvas
Sakis Rouvas has delivered hit after hit since 1991, and has represented Greece in the Eurovision song contest in the past. Named one of the most influential artists in Greece and Cyprus, this song is yet another example of his talent.

5. Erwteutika – Elli Kokkinou
Born in Athens, Elli is one of the most popular female artists in Greece today. She has also served as a judge on Greek Idol. This is her new song from 2011.